What's this all about?


Hi, I'm Zahra, and I'm a mandala artist.

I have been practising the art of mandala for the last six years; creating original artwork for clients across the globe, exhibiting at international art fairs, and most recently designing murals in my home city of Dubai. I'm now really excited to share with you a range of engaging courses I've created to share all the knowledge I have gained over this period.

These online courses will teach you to create mandalas from scratch at 3 different levels of complexity. I will be sharing my knowledge on different techniques and mediums that I use for my mandalas on paper and also details of all the different products that I use to reach the end results!

I hope that you enjoy these courses, and through improving your overall mandala skills, they inspire you to create your own beautiful artwork!

"I have followed Zahra for a few years now. Luckily I got the opportunity to learn from her when I attended her first online group session on Ornate Mandala. To my surprise she doesnt hold back any information on how she achieves those beautiful beautiful designs. The session was detailed and informative. I got to learn her tricks and techniques. Her love and dedication for teaching is immense. She is a person who will give it all to explain things to you. I am now somebody who cannot wait for more workshops from her."

-Reicha Singh, New Delhi